On Line Discussion Groups

Web based railfan discussion groups that converse via e-mail.

To subscribe to a group:

Make note of the subscription instruction and click on the link.

NMRO, The official NMRO e-mail discussion group!

The Backshop, A place to buy, sell, swap railroad/railfan/model items.

Big-Trains, Large scale model railroading. To subscribe, type: BIG-TRAINS

B&O, fans of the Baltimore and Ohio. To subscribe, type: SUBSCRIBE B&O (your name)

Boston & Maine Railroad, The B&MRRHS discussion list.

Central Vermont Railway, CV fans and historians.

CNET, Fans of the Canadian National. To subscribe, type: SUBSCRIBE CNET (your name)

Conrail Talk. To subscribe, type: SUB CONRAIL-TALK (your name)

Conrail Technical & Historical. To subscribe: request to be placed on list.

CPRSOO, fans of CP Rail, etc. To subscribe, type: SUBSCRIBE CPRSOO (your name)

Delaware & Hudson, D&H fans and BLHS members.

ErieLack, fans of the E-L. To subscribe, type: SUBSCRIBE ERIELACK

Grand Trunk Railway system, people interested in exchanging information (prototypical, modelling, stories, etc.) on the Grand Trunk Railway System.

Joint Line Railfanning (Colorado) , fans of the busy double-track mainline from Pueblo to Denver.

MEMRA , Middle Eastern (USA) Model RR Assoc., type: SUBSCRIBE MEMRA (your name)

NEModelers, Northeast Model RR Discussion List

NERails, Northeastern railfan discussion group.

New England Communications & Signal, A group discussion list for sharing all things related to railroad communications and signals throughout New England and surrounding areas.

New England Logging, Quarry and Industrial Railroads, Discussion List

NSList, Thoroughdead fans. To subscribe, type: SUBSCRIBE NSLIST (your name)

NSTier, News of NS's Southern Tier and the rest of New York.

NS-News, Thoroughdead press releases. To subscribe, type: SUBSCRIBE NSINFO

NYS&W List, Suzie Q fans.

Penn Central, PC fans. To subscribe, type: SUBSCRIBE PENN-CENTRAL

Pinsly Railroads, Fans of those little red diesels we have loved for years.

PRR, Pennsyvania RR fans. To Subscribe, type: SUBSCRIBE PRR (your name)

Railfan, railfanning discussions. To subscribe, type: SUBSCRIBE RAIL-LIST (your name)

Railroad, anything railroad. To subscribe, type: SUBSCRIBE RAILROAD (your name)

RRdiana, railroadiana. To subscribe, type: SUBSCRIBE RRDIANA (your name)

Track Charts, An interactive group for discussing research and aquiring railroad track charts (condensed profiles) and land valuation maps.

Trolly, trolley fans. To subscribe, type: SUBSCRIBE TROLLEY (your name)

UP, fans of the Borg of railroads. To subscribe, type: SUBSCRIBE STREAMLINER

VRS and Rutland, Keeping track of the former Rutland and today's VT Rail Systems

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